"Blacklist" Information Resource

The purpose of the newly launched "Black List" service is to inform Internet users about Internet information resources containing harmful content. Using the service, users can easily check whether the Internet information resource they are accessing is on the list, the user is given the opportunity to obtain a screenshot of the malicious content carrier detected in it, information about the type of malicious content and the date of detection. Harmful content in the "Black List" service is divided into two groups - Internet information resources with general harmful content and the list of Internet information resources targeting Azerbaijani Internet users.

For ICT professionals, the site also has an "Export" function for various systems and network devices, through which professionals will be able to automatically block blacklisted sites on their systems and devices.


In the near future, the "" website service for software developers will be launched, so developers will be able to use this service to integrate the list of blacklisted sites into their applications and software via API (Application Programming Interface).  Also an additional extension (Browser Extension) will be made available for various browser programs, which will automatically block blacklisted sites in browsers.

The Computer Emergency Response Team also calls on citizens to support the fight against harmful Internet information resources. Thus, by informing the Center about the Internet information resources with suspicious content that they have discovered, citizens can closely participate in the protection of other users from the dangers that harmful content may create, and they can also support the development of the service.