Hosting Service

According to the Decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan No. 654 of June 19, 2012, state institutions must place the electronic information resource in the AZSTATENET hosting system in the specially protected Data Center of the State Agency for Special Communication and Information Security of the Special State Protection Service.

In order  the state body to place the internet information resource in the AZSTATENET hosting system, the information resource must be adapted to the requirements of the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated September 04, 2012 No. must submit a copy of the application form specified in Appendix No. 1 of these Requirements, the account card specified in Appendix No. 2, and the technical document of the site to the Special State Protection Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan (AZ1066, Baku, Lermontov Street, 68). (A.R.N.K. decision-189, paragraph-9.1.)

Technical document

The institution must prepare a technical document that fully reflects the structure of the Internet information resource, individual modules, and the principle of operation of the software. (A.R.N.K. decision-189, clause-6.2.)


Internet information resource address:

- The address of the Internet information resource should not be too long. (A.R.N.K. decision-189, paragraph-2.2.3.)

- Combinations of letters and numbers should not be used in the address of the Internet information resource. (A.R.N.K. decision-189, clause-2.2.4.)

- The Internet information resources of subordinate institutions of state bodies must have a low-level domain name of the Internet information resource of the state body. (A.R.N.K. decision-189, paragraph-2.3.)

Requirements regarding the language of the Internet information resource:

- The official language of the Internet information resource is Azerbaijani. (A.R.N.K. decision-189, clause-3.1.)

- Versions in foreign languages must correspond to the version in Azerbaijani and must be translated from Azerbaijani. (A.R.N.K. decision-189, paragraph-3.2.)

Open Source / Open source content management systems:

- Open source content management systems should not be used in Internet information resources. (A.R.N.K. decision-189, clause-6.22.)

- Ready-made scripts should not be used, and explanatory comments should be noted in created scripts. (A.R.N.K. decision-189, paragraph-6.21.)

Information resource software requirements:

The information resource of the organization applying for hosting service must support PHP 5.6.5 and MySql 5.6.22 versions in accordance with Hosting requirements. Writing the Internet information resource in other programming languages and using another database server is not supported by the hosting service. Since these indicators are cyclical in nature, the technical requirements of that period should be clarified with the relevant structural division in connection with technological renewal.

W3C standard compliance:

The requirements of the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) must be followed in the Internet information resource. (A.R.N.K. decision-189, paragraph-6.3.5.)

Authorization (Plain text pass):

The login and password entered during user authorization must be transferred from the browser to the server in an encrypted form. (A.R.N.K. decision-189, clause-6.3.12.)


The time of submission of the application letter for the hosting of the institution's information resource is calculated from the day of their entry into the KIMM, reviewed and audited within 7 (seven) working days. If the result of the audit is positive, the information resource is hosted in a specially protected Data Center, and the KIMM specialist informs the specialist identified by the institution as responsible. The institution, in its turn, after eliminating the deficiencies indicated in the application, applies to the KIMM for re-verification of the information resource. (A.R.N.K. decision-189, paragraph-9.)