Infected IP Reporting Service

"Infected IPs" is a robotic search engine that we have collected from many information security research laboratories and combined into a single database of infected IP addresses. Azerbaijani Internet users can check whether the IP address they are using is on the list of infected IP addresses with the help of this service. The system automatically compares the IP address used by the citizen with the infected IP database, and if the search robot detects an infection, it informs the user about the ways of protection by showing the timestamp of the infection. Note that the database is intended only for Azerbaijani IP addresses, so only Azerbaijani users can use the service. To check the IP address you are using in the database of infected IP addresses, it is enough to go to the website of the Computer Emergency Response Team (https:// The system itself will perform an automatic check and inform you about the infection. When you go to the above page, you will see one of the two images below, depending on whether the IP address you are using is detected in the infected IP address database.