Meeting of the Coordination Commission on Information Security

On November 29, the next meeting of the Coordination Commission for Information Security was held at the State Service of Special Communication and Information Security .

Ilgar Musayev, the chairman of the Commission, who opened the meeting with his opening speech, emphasized the role and importance of information security against the background of general tensions and wars in the world and the region, and noted that cyber attacks on state institutions are constantly monitored together with the relevant institutions, they are analyzed and measures are taken to prevent them.

Later, a number of proposals received from state institutions on information security in the Coordination Commission:

  • creation of a national cryptographic algorithm, as well as mechanisms for training national personnel in this field;
  • training of specialists in the field of information security in our country and researching the possibilities and mechanisms of their effective use in the field during military service, as well as developing training centers for teenagers in the field of information technologies, revising educational programs for the specialties of mathematical-crypto-analytics and software engineering;
  • activation of electronic signature certificates on new generation ID cards;
  • taking into account the fact that the operation of telecommunication solutions of a number of companies has been imposed as a threat to information security in various countries Assessment of such company solutions and possible threats created by critical information infrastructures of Azerbaijan;
  • expanding the field of application of the "Cyber ​​Hygiene" project implemented to increase knowledge of information security in state institutions;
  • Improvement of the criminal-procedural legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan in accordance with the international requirements "On Cybercrime";
  • cases of violation of the requirements of the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan "On Personal Data" in a number of electronic information resources;
  • the reasons for the weakening of Azerbaijan's position in the UN report and the development of relevant indicators;
  • the importance and promotion of the formation of "safe internet" packages in providers in order to protect children from harmful information;
  • the preparation of technical conditions related to the application of information technologies, the preparation of exemplary forms of delivery acts for the implementation and handover of projects, works, as well as a number of particularly important information security issues were discussed and relevant decisions were made.

In the discussions devoted to the above-mentioned issues, the members of the commission gave opinions and suggestions. 

In the end, the chairman of the Commission thanked all the meeting participants for their active participation in the discussions and stated the importance of creating working groups in the relevant directions for the protocol of the discussed issues, taking necessary measures, preparing joint projects and presenting them accordingly. He emphasized the need for such productive meetings to be held more intensively, taking into account the number of pending issues in the field of information security.