"MAX" software for Pest Analysis

"MAX" (Malware Analyzer XRScan) software developed by the CERT.GOV.AZ center of the Special State Agency for Special Communication and Information Security of the Special State Protection Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan for the analysis of pests will be put into use soon. The "MAX" project, a software developed by the Center's Malware Laboratory, is about to sign a first in Azerbaijan as the first fully local (interface, functional and XRScan engine) software in the field. The center is currently working on a series of verification and testing operations for the XRScan engine it is developing, including software licensing issues.

Originally named "MAX" (Malware Analyzer XRScan), the main functionality of this application is unlike the "MEL" and "MAK" applications previously launched by CERT.GOV.AZ Malware Lab. -will consist of multi-functional (virus detection engine - XRScaner, process analysis module, traffic analysis module, malware reporting, information module - CERT news, etc.) analysis capabilities.

You can watch the demo image of the "MAX" project, which CERT.GOV.AZ's Malware Lab will soon launch, in the video below.