Resource Management Center

Resource Management Center – created on the basis of the "Electronic Request System" created for interactive communication with government agencies and registration of requests. This multi-subsystem platform enables government agencies to continuously monitor the cybersecurity status of their assets and provide more interactive notification/bode of current and anticipated security issues. Thus, through this system, the state institution can monitor the DNS zone allocated to it, the Host service, the IP range provided to its service via AzStateNet, receive automatic warnings about gaps and infections in its resources, as well as updates and threats according to the software database it uses and can see the statistics on the provided services, as well as the evaluation of the institution on the cyber security and vigilance index on its page. Also, through this system, government agencies have the opportunity to send suspicious files to the sandbox system for analysis and obtain the analysis results of those files. Another functionality of the system is the SPAM database, to which all institutions will forward spam messages to that database, and as a result, a national Spam database will be created, through which blacklists will be constantly updated and applied to the serviced mail systems. Although the system is currently in use, work on the implementation of a number of modules continues.